Are you looking for the best AP Macroeconomics review book so you can pass your exam and score a 5?

Then you’re in luck. We’ve found the Best AP Macroeconomics Review books for you today.

The AP Macroeconomics Exam measures your understanding of macroeconomics principles and your ability to reason within the discipline.

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AP Macroeconomics Exam Overview

The AP Macroeconomics exam is 2 hours long and has two sections — multiple choice/short answer and free-response. Each section is divided into two parts. You can see here for more on the AP Macroeconomics Exam Overview.

College Board provides free example test questions, so click here if you want to check them out.

Last Time The Exam Changed

The AP Macroeconomics exam hasn’t changed recently and there is no indication that it will change in the near future.

The Best AP Macroeconomics Review Books

Our Review 5/5: Best Macroeconomics Textbook

Foundations of Economics, AP Edition, 8th Edition

You may come across a lot of different AP Macroeconomics review books, but we recommend Foundations of Economics, AP Edition. This book is the highest in the ranks amongst other books for the best AP Economics textbook.

This book masterfully helps you fully understand the concepts of Macroeconomics. It covers all the core functions of that you will need to know for the exam.

The textbook teaches the fundamental concepts of Economics by using a robust conceptual framework, a readable and engaging writing style, and an unparalleled selection of problems and exercises that make it one of the most trusted Macroeconomics textbooks available today.

Before getting any other review book, or guide, you should get this textbook to help aid you in getting a 5 on your AP Macroeconomics exam.


4.9/5: Best Macroeconomics Review Book

Cracking the AP Economics Macro & Micro Exams: Proven Techniques to Help You Score a 5

We highly recommend this Macro Econ review book that can help supplement your studying and preparation. It is a comprehensive AP test review book, which has been updated to align with the new curriculum framework taking effect for the Macro exam.

The includes 2 full-length (1 Macro and 1 Micro) practice tests with detailed answer explanations, practice drills at the end of each content chapter and step-by-step walk-throughs of sample questions.

Students love this book for studying, and it’s highly recommended to supplement your studying efforts.


4.7/5: Best Macroeconomics Prep Book

AP® Macroeconomics Crash Course Book + Online

The exam is not too difficult, so the textbook should be sufficient for your studying requirements, but if you want more practice then we recommend buying the AP Macroeconomics Crash Course Prep book.

This crash course prep book is perfect for the time-crunched student, the last-minute studier, or anyone who wants a refresher on the subject.

Like all Crash Course books, this one only contains information that you specifically need for the AP Macro exam. It took our spot for the best AP Macroeconomics prep book.


Resources for the AP Macroeconomics Exam

AP Macroeconomics Video Study Guide

It’s very important to take your studying seriously and aim for the highest possible score so you can get into a great college. AP Macro is one of the more popular tests to take so getting a higher score is critical in order to stand out.

This video can be a very helpful refresher for you to absorb the material in the books. You should take 15 minutes to watch this video:


The most important thing you can do, truthfully, is to get a good textbook for your AP exam. It’s your tool for helping you learn the material that will be on the exam, help structure your preparation, and allow you to test your learning comprehension with review questions. It’s critical that you choose the books that are recommended as those will help you best prepare.

Our recommendation is that you absolutely study the Foundations of Economics, AP Edition textbook in order to fully prepare for the AP Macro Exam.

Here are some ideas for finding good textbooks:

  • Check the College Board’s list of textbook recommendations on the AP course audit page for your exam.
  • If you’re self-studying for an AP course that your school is offering, you can see if they have a textbook used for the actual course.
  • Be diligent in reading reviews of any textbook you are planning on buying, and see if it helped others prepare for the AP exam.

Review Books

A good AP review book is probably the second-most important resource you can have, after a good textbook. It’s not the most comprehensive manner of studying, but, it will allow you to review the most important information for the AP exam. For example, if you have gone through your textbook, then as your test day draws closer, you may want a review book to keep the information lucid in your short-term memory. The Princeton Review and Barron’s are two generally well-regarded AP review book sources, but make sure you’re getting the best book for the specific course you are studying.

Our review book of choice for the Macro Exam is Cracking the AP Economics Macro & Micro Exams: Proven Techniques to Help You Score a 5.

Prep Books

A good AP prep book is probably the third-most important resource you can have, after a good textbook and review book. These prep book offer tips include everything you need to know to achieve a high score and it has comprehensive content review for all test topics, so if you know you’ll be fully covered to score a 5 on your next AP exam. The best part about prep books? They include tried-and-true strategies to help you avoid traps and beat the test, and that’s all that matters right now.

Our prep book choice for the AP Macro Exam is AP® Macroeconomics Crash Course Book + Online. This is only necessary if you are a time-crunched student, the last-minute studier, or anyone who wants a refresher on the subject as the textbook provides sufficient material.

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