We at Scrapbook Resumes are very excited about all of the things we've been working on for the website during the past year! During the next few weeks you will be seeing the launch of many updates to the website that we have been working so hard on! Here are just some of the updates that we will be rolling out in the next few days.

Home Page Features
In the past we would change the home page to feature new, amazing work from our members portfolios, but not at a regular intervals. The home page has been updated for May, and from now on a new set of 5 featured pages will be changed on the first of every month. We choose these from pages uploaded to the Scrapbook Resumes gallery from members, so be sure to keep uploading your newest and freshest work and who knows - you may end up on the home page for a month!

We are implementing new membership software that will let you see your payment and membership history, request your password if you have forgotten it, check the status of your membership and so much more. We did all of this manually before so we are very excited about this new software and what it offers. It has been taking time for us to enter all of the member information. If you are currently a member once we have your membership information entered you will receive an e-mail with more information about it and a link to the login page. We are entering this alphabetically and should have everyone entered in the next few weeks.

Affiliate Program
Now as a member you will have the opportunity to refer your friends and feed your scrapbooking fund! For everyone you refer who signs up for the site you will receive $2 back from us, and every year they renew you will continue receiving that $2 commission. Once we receive your order or renewal we will enable your account for our affiliate program and send you all of the details on how it works along with banners and links you can use on your other sites. Through our membership program you will also be able to keep track of your commissions with reports on how many people have signed up through you.

Online Store Discount
It's hard to be an often-published or featured designer without buying the latest and greatest to use on your projects which is why we are so excited to offer our members an exclusive 20% discount at Couture Scrapbooking's online store. They carry the newest and most fashionable supplies on the market today!

We recognized that our old templates are very outdated so we have done away with the old templates and will be creating custom headers for each and every new resume set up or renewal (if requested). Making your own custom header will also still be available so you will still be able to make your own if you would like. Once we receive your order or renewal you will be asked whether you would like to keep your current design, have us create a custom header for you, or create your own. The old templates will no longer be available for new resume setups, however if you are currently using one of the old templates and would like to keep it that is just fine.

New Resume Editor
Yes, you heard right - we have a new updated editor for our resumes! All of the same basic features the old one had are still there and it is very similar but it has some improvements. The biggest one is that you will now have the ability to change everything on your resume, including your header so you will no longer have to wait on us to update your header or other graphics on your resume. We will be rolling out the new editor to current members first, renewed members second. New sign-ups will have the new resume editor installed when the resume is set up.

Scrapbook Resumes Blog
We have a blog that we will be updating regularly with site news, publication opportunities, design team calls, and we will also be featuring one of our members every two weeks. If you are interested in being featured on the blog please click here to e-mail us and let us know. Also keep watching the blog for announcements as each of the site features we have been working on become available on the site.

New Members Area
We are working hard to redo our members area that was very outdated. We will be announcing the new area to our members as soon as it has launched and let them know more about the features it includes.

Statistics will be done just a little different from now on. In the past we had updated all of the member stats manually but once we reached the hundreds of members we now have it became too time-consuming and labor intensive to continue to do them the way we were. We will now have a PDF file download of stats for each month available for you to download on the first day of the following month. These PDF files have a listing of each page and/or directory and how many times it has been viewed. Once you download or view the PDF just scroll down the list until you see your name in the list. The number next to your name is how many times your resume was viewed that month.

We have been working on putting together an extensive "Frequently Asked Questions" page on the site for members that will answer ahead of time those questions we always see about the gallery, the resume editor, etc. This page should be finished up and on the site in the next few days.



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