Thanks so much for visiting my scrapbook resume!  Let me tell you a little bit about myself: 
I started scrapbooking in 1999 after the birth of my little girl and it quickly became a addiction and love. 
I started this hobby to simply document my baby's life in pictures and to create a legacy for her to look
back on and see how much she was loved.  And although it still is that it has grown into a passion of mine
to share with others and to spur people on to love creating masterpieces they are proud of. 

I have had many opportunities to share my work in magazines; on design teams; idea books and in
online forums.  I am so very thankful for each and every opportunity that has come my way!  I have taught
at many different stores and conventions and have a passion to teach others the joy you can find in
a finished project or page.  I get so much joy in seeing others having fun in my classes and learning
new things.  Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to have a creative outlet; to meet wonderful new friends;
share our joys and sorrows; to simply be the person you were created to be and have fun putting that
down on paper.

I would love to help you out in anyway I can.  I love to teach classes; do pages for your store; teach at
conventions; whatever it is you are looking for I would love to hear from you.  I have a passion for this
hobby and love to inspire others in any way I can.  Please email me if you have any questions or simply
want to talk about scrapbooking!  I would love to talk with you!

Please check out my gallery or my
blog as well to find out more about me!

My Published Work

Creating Keepsakes

2006 Hall of Fame winner


2 layouts-Quick and Easy
December online project
CKU class project

Published Now:
"Steve":- Sept CK

"Beautiful" Online CK-Hall of Fame layout

"Bonded Together" Aug. 2006 CK Hall of Fame layout

"Our Vacation" August article assignment "Summer Fun"

August Scrap Your Space feature

August column assignment "Backyard Fun"

"Our Gift"-July assignment

4 layouts-Easier Than Ever Scrapbooking
Special Issue

CK Big Book-2 assignments-upcoming
"Our Vacation"

School Memories-upcoming 4 projects
"School Picture"
"College Days"
"Pencil Holder Project"

"Wonder"- Creative Solutions-February
"Spencer"- Creative Solutions
"FFU"- Creative Solutions
"One of a Kind"- Creative Solutions

"Spring"-March CK
"Happy Girl"-March CK

"Flowers of the Sky"-2005 Idea Annual

5 Scrapbookers/3 products-"Happy"- October
"Fall"-October Seasonal Solutions

"The Need for Speed" - August 2005

"Time Flies"- 2005 Honorable Mention in Hall of Fame contest

Encylopedia Technique Idea Book-
Spring 2005
"Then and Now"
"Color Your World"
"Blowing Bubbles"
"Red White Blue and You"
"Snow Princess"
"Always Remember"

CK Baby Idea Book-2004
"I'm Pregnant!"
"Circle of Life"

December 2004 Cover/TOC Assignment-layout in toc

"Cedar Point"- 2004 Annual Idea Book

"Bowling Fun"-2004 Annual Idea Book

"Firefighters"- 2004 HOF Idea Book-Honorable Mention

"Spread Your Wings and Fly"- August 2004

"Linger"-July Issue 20
"Summer Fun"-July Issue 2004

"The Power of Words"- June Issue 2004

"Journey"- November Autumn Online Extension 2003

Memory Makers


Idea book assignments-11 layouts

Idea book-5 layouts

Published Now:

"Autumn Splendor"-Sept. issue

Idea Books assignments in works
3 pages-freelance assignment-idea book

"I Love This Puppy"-Idea Book
"Adore You"-502 Book
"My One and Only"-502 Book
"Resolutions"-502 Book

"4 Ever"-Journaling Book assignment

"Laugh"-502 Book assignment
"Beautiful"-502 Idea Book
"Daddy's Girl"-502 Idea Book

August Issue Assignment "Kiersten at 7"

"Caught in the Act"-MM Pet Idea Book

Baby Idea Special Issue-
2 baby frames-assignment

More Than A Page Idea Book -contributing artist
24 projects

"I Love You"-Journaling Book Assignment

"Spring" MM Top 50

"Photo Card" and "Accordian Card" -December Magazine 2005

"I Believe"- Your Scrapbook Your Story August 2005

"Daddy's Girl" and "My Papa" and "Confidant" and "July 3, 1993"- All Men Scrapbook Pages October 2005

"My Sweet Girl"

"Spring" -both in Qucik and Easy Sketches

"Power of the Spoken Word" -Your Scrapbook Your Story-Sept.2005

"Linked by Love"-Fast & Easy Scrapbooking-August 2005

"Freedom" and "H" card- July issue 2005

"My Camera"-MM Special Issue- May 2005

My Family" and "My Two Kids"-
MM Family Idea Book-August 2005

"You Are II" ( freelance assignment)" MM March/April 2005 issue

"You Are..."- MM Quick and Easy Pages- April 2005

"Puppy in a BackPack"- MM 501 Scrapbook Idea Book

"Freedom" - Idea Gallery Book- Nov.-2004

"Laughter" - Idea Gallery Book- Nov.-2004

"Daddy Love"- Idea Gallery Book- Nov.-2004

"Baby Blue Jeans"- Mastering Scrapbook Page Design- Dec. 2004

"Oh, that Face!"- Baby Idea Book- July 2004

"Nuture"- Girl Idea Book- June 2004

"Letters to my Daughter" - Girl Idea Book-June 2004

"Flip Flops"- Fast and Simple Pages- Feb. 2004

"Gracie"- Super Scrapbook Pages-  May 2004

"Come Out and Play"- Super Scrapbook Pages- May 2004

Scrapbooks Etc.-BH&G

"Daddy's Girl"
-May 2005
"Springtime..." -April 2005

"Always Remember"- June 2005  Inspirations

Discover Spring"-April/May 2005

"Sisters"- October 2004

"My Daddy"- October 2004

"A Day in the City"- August 2004


Ivy Cottage

"Baby Blues"- March 2004

"Gracie"- May 2004

"Kiersten is 5"- May 2004

" are..." - May 2004

"My Beautiful Girl" - June 2004

Scrapbooking Trends

"Cherish" -August 2004

"Starting School"-Kid Idea Book 2004

Scrapbook Answers

Fall mini book-April 2005
Spring mini book-April 2005


"Laughter"- Idea Book Gallery-March 2004

"Pumpkin Roll"- October 2004

"Gracie"-May 2005

Idea Books

Brainiac Scrapbooking Idea Book
3 pages

Carolees Creations  **March Idea Book
Tidbits and Ting A Lings
**13 layouts and cover**

Chatterbox  **Make it Meaningful Idea Book-
October 2004-
**5 layouts**
"Then and Now"
"Dream, Discover, Destiny"
"If You Could See..."
"Letter to Kiersten"

My Daughters Wish  **Splendor- Idea Book-
Spring 2005
**6 layouts- **

Quick Quotes Idea Book 
Debuted at HIA 2004 with 5 layouts**

Scrapbooking Your Pets-sponsored by Junkitz
**17 layouts**

Scrapbooking Guru DVD-
**6 layouts**

Junkitz Unbuttoned-CHA 2005
**21 layouts**

Journey to Junkitz-
Idea Book Summer 2005

Design Teams

Companies I Work With now:

Queen and Company
July 2006-present

Mosh Posh
August 2005 to present

Memory Makers Magazine
Freelance Artist
October 2004 to present

Design Team Member
Nov. 2004-present

A2Z Essentials
Creative Coordinator

Companies I have had the wonderful
privledge of working with:

Carolees Creations
2002-to August 2005
Design Team Member

Feb. 2004 to August 2005
Design Team Member

Sept. 2003 to October 2004
Design Team Member

Wendi Speciale Designs
April 2005 to October 2005
Design Team Muse

American Traditional Designs
Nov. 2004 to Jan.2006
Design Team Member

My Daughters Wish
Design Team Member

Featured/Guest Artist

Scrap Village-
- April 2003

Mustard Moon-
- July 2004

Coordinates Collections
-August 2005

Two Peas in A Bucket-Guest Garden Girl
-October 2005

The Scrapbook Stand
-Feb. 2006

The Scrapbook Site
June 2006

Contests and other special events I have taken part in:

$20,000 1 of 20 winners
Check winning layouts here

Creating Keepsakse 2006 HOF Contest top 25

National Scrapbooking teaching at Superb Scrapbooking in  Grande Parire, Canada
May 5-7 2006

Creating Keepsakes 2005 HOF Contest **Honorable Mention**

Creating Keepsakes 2004 HOF Contest **Honorable Mention**

MM Page Contest

SimplySouthernScrapbook Convention
1 of top 3

1st place overall (August issue of CK-2004)

Scrap and Cruise Instuctor
January 15-21, 2005-Western Caribbean Scrap and Cruise  

Designed Pages for Home Scrap Club on October 2004 and December 2004; June and July 2005

Scrapbook Day event teacher at The Suberb Scrapbooking Store in Grand Prairie Canada

Taught at CK Charlotte Convention in 2005

Taught at these various stores:
Cord Camera; Croppers Corner; Scrapbook Art; NC Scrapbook Retreat; Beached Scrappers OBX;
It's About Time; Scrapbook Shoppe; Pages in Time


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