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I am a freelance project designer working for manufacturers in the scrapbook and paper crafts industry. For the past four plus years, I have worked with companies to create quality projects and samples to highlight their product for trade shows, classes and kits, print ads and catalogs. I have also done a significant amount of assignment work for several magazines in the scrapbook industry and have co-authored an idea book due out later this year. 
Additionally, I have had the opportunity to serve as the instructor on a two scrapbook cruises as well as teach at the local scrapbook store level, promoting products and exploring new techniques. I love working in this industry and have a passion for creating and using products. I am hard working, detail oriented and would love to discuss and explore any new opportunities in the industry.


Published Pages

Creating Keepsakes

July/August 10
upcoming article

December 09
"Celebrate the Season"

November 09
Cover Try - published online

May 09
"Simple Joys"

April 09

Computer Tricks II
"Boys Will be Boys"
"Newly Found Freedom"
"Disney Characters"
"Spectacular Fall"

Scrapbooking with Your Kid
Kids Christmas Ornaments
Joy "Holiday Scrapbook page/card*
Thanksgiving placecard / napkin ring
Kids Party game / variation
Mom layout - use of greeting card
"I Love you Grandma" card/envelope

December 2007
Cover photo
Cover layout option - online

September 2007
"Kindergarten Recap"

Super Fast Pages with 4x6
"Summer Beauty"
"Nature Walk"
"Summer Fun"

March Online Challenge
"Innocence of a Child"

July 2007
"Tea for 2"
"Dress up Girl"

June 2007
"Sunkissed" tag

Scrapbooking with Your Kids
9 assignments

May 2007
"Love you Always"
"Summer Treat"

March 2007
"It has to be Pink"

CK DVD Series
6 projects

February 2007
Cover photo
Cover layout try - online
Glamour Accent

CK Online Class
1 assignment

CKU Class
3 assignments

CKC Class
1 assignment

November 2006
3 mini album assignments
1 online project

Idea Annual Cover photo

Idea Annual
"Turkey Hat"

Hall of Fame 2006
"Airplane Musings of a Boy"
"My Journey"
"I Believe"
"You've Got Style"
"Magical Snow"

October 2006
"An October Tradition"

August 2006
"The Swing Song"
"Contagiously Happy"
"Mystic Seaport"
"Summer's Sweetness"

July 2006
"Parade" photo

May Online Web Challenge
"Got Ice Cream?"

May 2006
"Baking with Love"

April 2006
Cover layout
"In Search of Bluebirds"
"Sweet Baby Girl"

Online Feature HOF announcement

February 2006
"Undeniably You"
"New Life"

January 2006
"Is this Supposed to be Fun?"

November 2005
"Taste of Fall"

More Creative Sketches
"Free to Ride"

Hall of Fame 2005
"Share the Passion"
Honorable Mention

August 2005
"Sometimes I Forget"

Scrapbook Idea Book
"Signs of Spring"

June 2004
"Summer Fun"

Hall of Fame 2003
"Greatest Oak"
Honorable Mention

November 2003
" Priorities Change"

Creative Sketches
"Horsin' Around" pg 120
"A Timeless Moment" p. 40

Idea Book 2003

Scrapbooks Etc.

February 2010
"Snow Shoeing"

October 2009
" Field Trip"

Aug/Sept 2009
"Beach Play"

January 2008 
Article "Freshen Up Old Photos"
conception, text and some artwork

"Ready. Set. Don't Pose"

Mom's Guide
"Rhode Island" Travel Album
"Summer in a Straw"
"Free Spirit Girl"

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Scrapbooking
"Fun in the Sun"

October 2007
"Learning the Game"

August/September 2007
"My Wish for You"

July 2007
"Summer Fun"

May/June 2007 
"Faces of 3"
"Baby Cousin"

July 2006
"Time Flies"

Baby Idea Book
"Unbreakable Bond"

Scrapbook & Cards Today

Spring 09
Cover layout and photo

Winter 08
"Winter" frame
"Cookies Made with Heart"

Fall 08
Easy, Detailed, Expert Article:
Text and artwork

Summer 08
"Boy Fish"

Scrapbooking m.m. Swedish Magazine

"Flower Girl"
"My Girl"
"Summer in a Straw"
"For you Mama"














Memory Makers Books

Kick It Up
co-authored: text and artwork
released August 2009

Playing with Paper
"Tis the Season"
"Face of Six"
"Snow Buds"
"A Furry Friend"
"100% Boy"

Ask the Masters III
"Just Call me Jack"
"Beach Boy"
"Enjoy Everyday"
Several photos

Busy Scrapper
"Meet Max"
"My Friend"
"On Top of the World"
"Lucky Ones"
"Feeling Shy"

Oh Baby!
"Remember You"

Show It Off
"A" Wall Hanging
"A" album layout
Baseball shadow box
Memories altered frame
"Celebrate Three" Mini Album
"What Did You Say" Mini Album
"Adore" table top frame

Flip, Spin and Play
"Carousel Ride"
"All Boy"
"Go Explore"
"Egg Art"
"Sweet Nothings"
"History of the Park"

601 Great Scrapbook Pages
"Sparkler Fun"
"Spiderman Fanatic"
"Daddy & You"
"Unexpected Friend"
"Thanks Mom"
"Big Part of your Life"
"Tree Climber"
"Tis the Season"
"Learn to Swim"
"Zoo Boo"
"Relax! It's Summer"
"Learning to Score"
"Tastes Good"
"Michigan Ave Shopping"
"Picking Apples"
"A Piece of Heaven"
"Undeniably Cute"

Travel Albums
"Ft Wayne Zoo" Mini Album
"Kansas Trip" Mini Album

"Discover Summer"
"New Sheriff in Town"
"I Eat Snow"
"Learning to Ride"
"Superhero Obsession"
"Little Friends"
"Miss Carrie"
"Bedtime Routine"
"It's All About the Candy"

Type Cast
"All Creatures"
"Faces of Two"
"First Born"
"Girly Girl"
"Lazy Days of Summer"
"Ready! Set! Jump!"
"Smile Giggle Laugh"
"This Face"
Altered wood purse

Focal Point
"Balancing Life"
" The 2 of You"
"Chit Chat"
"Downtown Chicago"
"Your Shadow"

Quick and Easy Styles
"70's Girl"

The Amazing Page -502
"Father and Friend"
"Views from the Venetian"
"Truly Captivating"
"Easter Tradition"
"Flip Flop Fanatic"

Scrapbook Fundamentals
"Animal Lover"
"Green Eyes"

The Best of the Masters
"Natural Cowboy"

No Fear Guide to Scrapbook Journaling
"How to Eat Ice Cream" 

Quick & Easy
"What is a Weed" 

Memory Makers Magazine

July / Aug 09
"Strawberry Pickin"

Nov/Dec 08
"Celebrate and Believe"

Sept/Oct 08
"Our Wedding Day"

July/Aug 08
"Play with Me"

June 2008
"Giving it 110%"

May 2008
"New Girly Ride"
"A New Hometown"

March/April 2008
"Sharing the Road"

February 2008
"Totally Curious"

January 2008
"Gain in Perspective"

November 2007
"Gratitude - Inspired Living"

Scrapbook Idea Gallery
October 2007
"Our Fall Tradition"

May 2007
"Am I Qualified"
"Beautiful Butterfly"
"True Love"
"Perfect Match"

Theme Album SIP
"Lessons from Mom" mini album

July 2006
"Natural Beauty"

June 2006
"A baby doll and its Mama"

Scrapbook Trends

April 08
"Spring on the Farm"
"Princess Party"

Embellish It Book

November 2007
"Corn Maze"

Mini Albums II
"School" Mini Album

December 2006
Holiday Party Chaos"

January/February 2006
Cards Magazine
Grandpa Birthday Mini book

December 2005
"Eyes of a Child"

Vacation Idea Book
"Beach Baby"


All Boy
"A Little Bit of Farm Life"

Baby Oh Baby
"In My Daugher's Eyes"


Provo Craft Idea Book
22 projects

Chatterbox Substance of Life
5 pages from Album Online Idea Book
3 pages

Design Teams

Little Yellow Bicycle
December 2007 - present

Creative Cafe
January 2008 - present

Scenic Route
September 2006 - January 2009
July 2005 - July 2008

Pages In Time, Mishawaka IN
March 2004 - March 2006

Imagination Project/Gin-X
Design Team Member
July 2005 - July 2007

Pink Paislee
January 2010 - present

Fancy Pants
December 2006 - present

Scarlet Lime Kit Club
September 2007 - present

Chatterbox, Inc.
July 2008 - February 2009
April 2007 - present

Provo Craft
December 2005 - December 2007
July 2005 - April 2006

Contests / Other

Creating Keepsakes
Hall of Fame 2006

Creating Keepsakes
Hall of Fame 2003, 2005
Honorable Mention
$15,000 Contest - May 2005

Layout Contest
Third place overall

Memory Makers
Masters Contest 2008

Memory Makers
Masters Contest 2006

Make It Meaningful Album 2005
Making Memories Contest
July/Aug 2005
Grand Prize Winner

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